AV8 Ltd.

AV8 LogoAV8 LTD was founded in 2006 and immediately established itself as a company offering the highest standard in aviation refurbishment and finishing

From their headquarters in the UK - AV8 successfully completed projects for Airbus, Augusta Westland, Jet Aviation and Flybe amongst others. In 2010 they diversified and expanded to fulfil a contract to manage staff development and education at Lufthansa's Mediterranean hub. From their new offices in Malta, AV8 met the demand from the regional maritime sector to apply their expertise to luxury and super yacht projects. They have since established themselves as an outstanding team within the sector – excelling in both the technical and operational aspects of marine finishing.

AV8 have completed varied projects from Super Yachts and Commercial Vessels, to cosmetic and finishing works on luxury Wajer and Wajer motor yachts to hull manufacture and finishing for our exclusively built range.

Allied to their core finishing services - AV8 Ltd offer a comprehensive range of related services in both the aviation and maritime sectors: 


Aviation Marine
  • Project Management and Consultancy

  • Interior and exterior refurbishment

  • Livery design

  • Interior and exterior paint surveys

  • Exterior/interior component refinishing

  • Exterior and leading edge polishing

  • Team of experienced structural fitters

  • Mobile refinishing service
  • Concept Consultancy

  • Full interior and exterior refurbishment

  • Full interior and exterior refurbishment

  • Decking

  • Timber hull services

  • Sheathing with epoxy resin

  • Composite manufacture and repair

  • Mobile refinishing service

AV8’s expertise is built upon the outstanding experience of their Director and staff. Their ethos is to consistently exceed established industry standards. Their commitment to detail ensures they consistently deliver for clients. When you work with AV8, you partner with a company of exceptional experience and established reputation. A reputation founded on quality – from start to finish.  

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